IO3 -  The SECE Board Game

‘Seconomy’ is a semi-competitive educational board game, for up to 6 persons, which aims to promote the social entrepreneurship mindset.

Players will move forward along a snake, by rolling dice, which consists of 6 coloured sections, 3 ladders and some augmented reality elements (QR codes). On the way, when faced with questions or scenario icons in the squares, players select from a deck of question cards. To succeed, they should answer the questions. The game ends when the first player reaches the final square.
seconomy board game
The game can be played in both physical and a digital form! You can check and download the board game below and for the digital version you can use the QR codes provided on the board!
The Board Game is available in the six languages of the partner countries: English, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish and Turkish.