IO1 - The SECE Training Manual

The SECE Training Manual contains information to support adult educators working with aspiring or new social entrepreneurs.

The content of the Chapters is informed by the results of needs analyses carried out in the six countries of the project.
There are eight Chapters in the Manual:

  Chapter 1: Course introduction
  Chapter 2: Social Enterprise – what is it all about?
  Chapter 3: Innovation through Social Enterprise
  Chapter 4: Modelling your Social Enterprise
  Chapter 5: Income generation and financial management
  Chapter 6: Marketing your Social Enterprise
  Chapter 7: Doing business online
  Chapter 8: Managing your Social Enterprise

Each Chapter in the manual opens with an ‘Introduction’, containing an overview and unit list. This is followed by a ‘Lesson plan’ which details learning outcomes, training and assessment methods, resources and duration information. All this is for the Trainer’s information and preparation before getting into delivery and facilitation of learning on the subject to Learners.

There then follows detail, over a number of Units, on how to deliver the subject to Learners – the Module proper. Each chapter has a corresponding:
  • slide deck
  • handout pack
  • aligned MOOC module.
Within this Manual, the Units for each Chapter take the trainer step by step, slide by slide and handout by handout through a suggested approach for delivery of the Module in the face-to-face context. Nevertheless, it is expected that, before beginning delivery of any of the Units, Trainers will thoroughly familiarise themselves with the subject area, the content and the approaches suggested in this Manual, accompanying slide decks and handouts – so as to ensure their own knowledge and preparation beforehand.

This Manual and its accompanying resources are available for downloading below, in the six languages of the partner countries: English, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish and Turkish.