About the Project

The project is designed to create innovative open source training interventions and materials that integrate tools and methods for developing effective social entrepreneurship primarily through self-employment. Its purpose is to provide a learning model and high quality learning materials for use by adult educators working with aspiring social entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the success of their social enterprises.

Our main objective is to enhance the employability of adults and their position in the labour market, developing their competencies and skills for social entrepreneurship through digital tools and game based learning.

The project aims are to:
  • Raise awareness of social entrepreneurship among adults and promote its concepts in self-employment
  • Offer Adult Educators new approaches to the development of social entrepreneurship competences, including through provision of practical resources: a training manual, MOOC, digital tools and a board game, that focus on the development of the soft skills essential for the formation of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Support adult educators, trainers and other experts in gaining the specific competences required for the provision of high quality education in social entrepreneurship for adults. The 6 experienced project partners will deliver a learning model and high quality learning materials for use by adult educators with aspiring and new social entrepreneurs
It will produce the following tangible outputs:
  • 1 Training Manual for Adult Educators working with social entrepreneurs (teaching materials, lesson plans, practical tools)
  • 1 MOOC: Social Entrepreneurship Education for Social Entrepreneurs
  • 1 Board Game for Social Entrepreneurs
  • 6 Local Training Interventions (150 aspiring social entrepreneurs)
  • 6 Local Piloting and Evaluation Reports
  • 6 Multiplier Events
The project will add value to the social entrepreneurship model for each partner country. In the project, our objectives are raising awareness in social entrepreneurship, providing support to the social enterprises and potential social entrepreneurs through the innovative tools.
SECE social Entrepreneurship For Community Empowerment